Munkfors and around

The NordicLife cottage is situated in a village surrounded by forests and lakes. Every season has its own delights: endless nights in summer, crisp blue skies above colourful trees in autumn, old fashioned fun in the snow followed by long evenings at the fireplace in winter.

We love a evening stroll through the woods in the almost endless daylight during summer. The light has a such a subtle warmth and softness, it soothes your mind. Even in winter end each day wandering the streets of the village, listening to our rustling steps in the snow, watching stars, feeling the dry cold.



Outdoor activities

The province of Värmland is known for its giant forests and 10,000 lakes. The Klara river, Sweden’s longest, carves the entire length of the province before flowing into lake Vänern, one of Europe’s largest lakes. Spending day after day outside was never so easy. Whether you’re adventurous or a lover of peaceful contemplation, you will find it at NordicLife. Run, hike, bike through the forests. Swim, sail or paddle on the lakes. Pick berries, mushrooms and flowers from the ground.



You can go off-road and explore the forests and lakes by bike. If you are looking for more comfort, just take the Klaralvsbanan, a 90km long former railway that was conveniently transformed into a bike path. It leads through lush forest landscape and along rural farms. We have several mountain bikes in different sizes. Our favourite ride: head north onthe Klaravsbanan, leave the path to cross the river at Höje and make your way home via Mossängen. Be prepared to see some foxes or roes.



Once you played in Uddeholm, you don’t want it any other way. The view over the lake is stunning. And you can’t stop wonder why there aren’t many other golfers around. Well, that’s Värmland, more moose than people.


There are two ski areas within an hour drive: Sunne and Branas. The latter is a great choice for families. If you’re in for a ride then Åre is offering superb pistes.


Just a few minutes from the house a family ranch offers horse rides through the woods. They have beginners friendly Icelandic horses, so no experience required. If you favour western riding, a riding style that is based on peace and simplicity and suits beginners as well as experienced riders, SunDanceRanch and Our Little Farm, might be the place for you. Both are located in Ekshärad, less than one hour drive from NordicLife.

Build your own raft

Build your own raft of logs and ropes and float it down the mighty river Klarälven. Rated by National Geographic Traveller as ‘50 Tours of Lifetime’ this adventure is unforgetable experience. You can choose between single or multi-day trips. It’s organised by the outdoors experts Vildmark i Värmland.



There is nothing like taking a dip in a clear forest lake in summer. There are several lakes nearby and Munkfors has his own little beach with a bbq spot close by. A little bit crowded and pricy is the Waterpark in Sunne.

Our favourite lake is Ransjön, just a 10 minutes drive from the house: head towards Sunne, leave the 241 after 4-5 kilometer and follow sign Borås. You’ll see the lake at your right hand side. Follow it till you see a small path and a sign ‘strand’ at your right hand side. Just in case, the GPS coordinates are: 59.823509, 13.372194.



Our favourite hiking route is to the top of Granhöjden. From there you can see over the lake till the hills. There are many more hiking paths. Check out the hiking maps at our house or at the Munkfors tourist office.

Canoeing and kayaking

The many lakes and the Klara river offer fabulous canoeing and kayaking adventures. Rent a kayak to paddle nearby Ransjön or the river Klarälven. Outdoors experts Vildmark i Värmland offer different tours on the beautiful lake Fryken. They are based in the town of Torsby, about an hour drive form Munkfors.

Wildlife & Adventure

There are numerous companies that specialises in outdoor adventure activities: riding icelandic horses , husky sledge tours, moose park, building your own raft, wildlife safari… Want more? Check it out on or download the brochure.

Polar bear and snow leopard

Orsa Rovdjurspark is located in Orsa Grönklitt and with its 325,000 square meters its Europe's largest predator park. It’s a three hours drive through scenic landscape and a unique experience.



City trips

Stockholm is our favourite city, but Copenhagen really made a strong impression as well. Oslo is a sporty and Göteborg a business city. The best: all of them are only a few hours away. Perfect for a detour on your way back home. Below are our own picks.



No other city has such a fantastic combination of old grandeur, modern design, sophistication and nature.

Our favourites:

  • Staying at J Hotel in Nacka - tranquil location at the sea, take the boat to Stockholm City and enjoy the stunning view onto the Stockholm waterfront.

  • Having coffee at Johan & Nyström - perfect for a short break.

  • Lunch at Den Gyldenen Freden - Swedish Homecooking at it’s best.

  • Skansen - exploring Swedens past in the world’s oldest open air museum.

  • Joining the Stockholders on a sunny day in Djurgården: a blanket and good book is all you need.

  • Strolling the streets and little shops at Södermalm.

  • Walking through the cherry blossom in Kungsträdgården in june.

  • Dining at opera baren - Chique but not snobbish


No need to dress up! Oslo has a relaxed feeling: streets are never really crowded, the air feels always crisp and most people wear sportswear.

Our favourites:

  • Enjoying the sunset from the opera house

  • Having breakfast and lunch and coffee break at Pasta del Nata

  • In december: visiting the sami stall on the christmas market.


This vibrant city has a multi-cultural heart, lot’s of young people and start-ups. It’s six hours from Munkfors, so perfect of for stop-over.

Our favourites:

  • Stroll the beach or one of the many parks.

  • Enjoy the international foods stalls and multi-cultural atmosphere.


Located on the beautiful west coast with it’s magical islands Göteborg is known for Volvo and one of the best seafood in the world.

Our favourites:

  • Liseberg - a very nostalgic park that hosts some nice concerts as well

  • Lunch at En Deli Haha, Haha Nygatan 15 - try the ‘dagens rätt’

  • Shop in the neighbourhood of Haga - craftsmanship and cobble stone streets

  • The fish market in the Feskekôrka, ofcourse, you can’t miss this.

  • Stay at Barken Viking, a boat transformed into a hotel.


Relaxed and stylish, Copenhagen really blew us away.

Our favourites:

  • Staying at Hotel SP34 - the healthiest breakfast ever.

  • Buying a pricy but wonderful table cloth at Georg Jenssen

  • Window-shopping at the many Danish Design shops.

  • Walking through along the harbour towards famous restaurant Noma.

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Sunset in Oslo, viewed from the top of the Opera

Sunset in Oslo, viewed from the top of the Opera

Near the sea at Malmö

Near the sea at Malmö

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm

Kungsträdgården in Stockholm