Activities for kids


Adventure park

In Rotternos you can easily spend a day in the Adventure park. There are beautiful lanes with flowers and herbs, many playgrounds and a café.



If you happen to be around at this special day it’s worth the short ride to Ransäter. In this homestead museum you can celebrate Midsummer in a traditional way: with an old-fashioned Merry-go-round, traditional dance and good food.



Mariebergskogen is definitely the main attraction for kids in Karlstad. With the miniature railway you can make a tour through the park. There are many playgrounds, animals to pet, a beach and a museum with a lot of information on local wildlife. Also in Karlstad is Leos’ Lekland, a indoor-playground which is ideal if you need to hide from bad weather.


Waterpark Sunne

If you’re kids have seen enough lakes already then the waterpark in Sunne is an option.