Swedish treats



The coffee break is a sacred moment for the Swedish people. You don’t necessarily need to drink coffee, but be sure to have a break and make some social talk with you colleagues. A bullar is the usual companion. The best bullar you can buy at the Artisan bakery in Karlstad.



For Rogier this is childhood nostalgia at it's best. This Swedish layer cake comes in a bright green colour and is full of custard, jam, marzipan, and a mound of whipped cream!


Apples, rharbarber, berries, veggies, herbs… we try to make use of our garden as much as we can.



We are quite used to good quality fish at our home in The Netherland. Still we can’t wait to visit the fish stall in front of the Bergvik shopping mall in Karlstad. The graved lax is typical Swedish but we love to try something new every time.



There is only one approved way to eat caviar for Rogier: with Swedish knäckebrod, creme fraîche and some raw onion on top of it. We like Abba’s caviar best.

 Wild veggies and herbs

In autumn Jana can’t be trusted to go for a run through the woods and come back at any reasonable time. It’s the mushroom fever! It’s popular amongst the Swedish people as well. Just be careful that you pick the right ones.