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The house

We’re in love with the authentic Swedish style. We use natural materials throughout the house and mix tradition with modern comfort. We want our guests to feel at home, relax and enjoy.


The garden

You don't have to leave the house. There is plenty enough to enjoy in the garden. Harvest your own veggies in the summer. Pick your apples fresh from the tree in autumn. Our favourites: reading and bbq.


Close to nature

The NordicLife cottage is situated in a village surrounded by forests and lakes. Every season has its own delights: endless nights in summer, crisp blue skies above colourful trees in autumn, old fashioned fun in the snow followed by long evenings at the fireplace in winter.



The province Värmland has more moose than people, more lakes than cities, more forests than farmland, so naturally there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy all year through: watching wildlife, exploring nature, outdoor sports and adventure.

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Värmland offers some cultural highlights like Selma Lagerlof’s Mårbacka and homestead museum Ransäter. Centrally located in Sweden you can also visit the cities of Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmo and Oslo. All are in reach within a few hours.



There is a lot to explore and discover for the little ones: adventure parks,Icelandic horses, husky tours, moose, rafting, canoeing, swimming, scouting…it’s hard to choose.

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Swedish treats

At home in Haarlem we hardly find the time to cook. But when in our Swedish home we can’t stop thinking about the next meal. There is so much that our own garden offers: herbs, vegetables, apples, berries. The fish from the fish market in Karlstad is just superb. The Swedish meat excellent. And prepared and served outdoors it all just tastes so good.